Peevish's eleventh performance, April 13th, 2002.
The Lord's House, Portland, Oregon.

Joe - cornet
Ezra - silence, percussion
Taylor - sax
Wilson - synth, effects
Joe got disgusted and jeered the performance while Wilson in retaliation cheered it. Taylor seemed undecided and waffled, choosing both sides. But everyone reconvened to finish the piece anyway.

Which Cut Their Hairs Closer
Wilson - synth, effects
Ezra - drums
Taylor - guitar
Joe - vocals

Bubbles and Dogs
Taylor - featured on sax
Ezra - drums
Wilson - electronics
Joe - cornet, Peevish custom dress shirt giveaway

Disruptive Recedence
Ezra - drum machine
Joe - synth
Taylor - drum machine
Wilson - mixing, laptop

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